Psicron Group

Psicron Limited (formerly Psicron Energy Resources Ltd) was incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on December 12, 2002 with RC number; 467790.

PSICRON was conceived as a knowledge and innovation-driven organization. For too long have services and strategies in Nigeria been shoddily conceived and implemented and verily, this ought not to be so. It is for this reason that PSICRON was birthed solely to showcase and deliver excellence, creativity and integrity in all the areas of its involvement, and only in Nigeria.

At PSICRON, we are only concerned with exploring unseen or under-exploited opportunities in Nigeria, to create financial and intellectual value for the benefit of our company, our host communities and our country at large.

Our team is composed of men and women with fertile and versatile minds, and with expertise in diverse sectors.

Our strategy is to keep these resources in a network so they can work from whichever part of the world they may be.

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Our Services

PSICRON develops knowledge, strategy and enterprise (KSE*) in the following sectors;

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In Engineering we are involved in developing capacity in the areas of reliability and outcome-based engineering (mainly for the oil and gas sector), engineering design, operation & maintenance management, engineering project management

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Oil & Gas

In Oil & Gas, we deliver services in; pre-production environmental and regulatory services, complete right-of-way acquisition, negotiation and management, host community management (entry point, interaction, construction liaison and damage settlement), oilfield sample analysis, vessel leasing.

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In the Power sector, we design Distributed Generation systems and assist with power asset evaluation.

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